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Surround Sound

Surround Sound is here to stay and Opus have a wide range of Surround options, with the best one being a full discrete remix from the original multitrack masters at up to 24/96 resolution. This is by far the best approach to surround sound as we have full control over every step of the remix process and the results can be stunning. The final mix will be delivered in the format of your choice.

If you have not got the multitracks we have developed our own method of taking your original stereo mix and electronically recreating a surround mix from this - each track done individually - by hand - and not simply passed through a "magic box" unit like the TC6000 or Lexicon 960. A special combination of techniques are employed to bring out the very best and most realistic performance possible, and whilst upmixing from a stereo source cannot match the quality from a full remix the results can nevertheless be surprisingly good

With so many different consumer formats available selecting the right one for each project is vital and we will guide you through this process all the way to final replication and release.

Matrix Surround

Matrix encoding has actually been with us a long, long time and is a sort of compromise solution for those occasions where for whatever reason a discrete release is not a viable option. It works equally well on both DVD and CD - a Dolby ProLogic II encoded CD will play back on all CD players and all DVD players according to your hardware setup. Matrix surround is almost a way of both having your cake and eating it too!

Surround sound - DTS 5.1 Music CD

DTS 5.1 Music CD offers an extremely cost effective way of producing a surround release without the expense and added complications of a full DVD-Audio/Video release if you are either on a tight budget or do not want the visual content and prefer to let your music speak for itself.

With most Home Entertainment systems offering DTS support, it is a very viable option. In addition to surround discs, we can also produce a High Resolution 24/88.2 Stereo DTS-CD for the ultimate in Audiophile quality CD which, thanks to our use of the DTS-HD MAS series encoders, will be fully compatible in all DTS equipped systems.

In addition, any DTS discs created by Opus Productions will be registered with DTS and automatically included in their official, freely distributed catalogue of DTS encoded titles.

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