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Audio services - Audio mastering

unlimited waveform

Music mastering is a complex and time consuming task. Best results will always come from the well-trained ears of an experienced mastering engineer working in a professional listening environment with an acoustically optimized room and mastering-grade monitoring system. The image above is a waveform before limiting with dynamic range intact.

Good music mastering can make all the difference between a good and a fantastic sounding recording. Bringing dramatic improvements in terms of overall sound quality, getting the best out of the recording, acheiving better balance and playability. It is certainly more than just a matter of altering the music’s perceived loudness.

After limiting - no dynamic range

At Opus all mastering is done on a track by track basis using carefully selected equipment.
NO Finalizers or presets are ever used.
See the example to your left showing how a waveform can look if care is not taken - ALL the dynamic range is gone! There is no light and shade. This kind of waveform will NOT be produced at Opus.

We normally provide a DDP file for FTP delivery of music files directly to the pressing plant but other delivery formats can be utilized if required.

Audio services - Audio restoration

Old and favourite albums become either too scratched to play anymore or too rare and valuable to risk playing. Noise is an inherent part of analogue systems that whilst impossible to remove completely can often be greatly reduced without impacting on the actual audio quality.

The quality can often be greatly improved, allowing you to hear things that you never even knew were there, removing irritations such as scratches and crackling from a recording. Single restorations or entire collections. All styles of music.

Tape transfers to digital can be from stereo or quadraphonic reels, at speeds from 3 3/4 ips up to 15 ips, all transferred at a resolution of 24/96 for maximum fidelity.

Tapes that are suffering from hydrolysis can also be recovered, allowing you to rescue those old masters you thought were beyond recovery.

Audio services - Audio post production for film and broadcast

Audio post production for the film, broadcasting, and new media industries. Specialties include surround mixing for film and TV.

Audio services - music production

Why not let us turn your recordings into the masterpiece you always knew they were. Based on Steinberg's NUENDO system, our Digital Audio Workstations can take your existing multitracks in any format and deliver your track(s) to your choice of format. Most current digital formats can be imported or existing analogue recordings can be digititized.

Final mix can be traditional stereo - or why not release your music from it's 2 speaker prison and take advantage of our 5.1 facilities. Surround Sound is one of our specialities and once you have experienced a discrete 5.1 channel remix, Stereo will never sound the same again. Final mixes can be delivered on the format of your choice, or even sent directly to the replication plant via FTP.

With a wide range of effects, processors and years of experience in this field, Opus are confident they can deliver the sound you want.

To discuss your requirements in further detail please call or e-mail us.

A certain well-known plugin has the preset "High Resolution CD Master" where an instant boost of 5dB is applied without regard to the content. EQ and Compression should never be done by presets.
DDP = Disc Description Protocol. A professional digital container file format for use when replicating a CD, DDP images can be electronically delivered and are generally considered to be less error prone than a written disc formatted as a playable CD
A generic term for any "all-in-one" unit that will EQ, compress and limit the audio in a single operation, often heavily reliant on presets.
"Sticky shed syndrome". The binder or glue that holds the magnetic particle to the polyester base of the tape breaks down. As this occurs, the tape often gets coated with an adhesive that makes it extremely difficult to play. In some cases the problem can be so severe that the magnetic material literally falls off or sheds from the base.